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Weight Loss Therapy

What is a Successful Weight Loss Program?

When considering a successful weight loss program one must first consider a few important points to judge what is truly considered effective:

1. How long did the weight stay off?
2. How easy was it it to lose the weight?
3. Did the program have a negative effect on lifestyle?
4. Was it Weight Loss or Weight Control?
5. Were there severe feelings of hunger or exhaustion from exercise?

Sure there are plenty of diets where you can eat powdered foods, pop pills or concentrate on certain foods that will make you lose weight really quickly. Just like there are other physical exercise programs that make you do things that leave you simply too tired to even crawl into bed of a night time. But the question that really needs to be asked is this:

How long can I keep this up for before I break?

This is why the weight loss industry turns over more then 40 Billion Dollars every year. People simply go on the latest diet, lose a heap of weight really quickly, cause a big stir in the industry that sells a million units overnight and then before anyone knows, that same person puts all the weight back on again. This is the funny thing.

The weight loss industry literally fuels it's own success through failure.

For arguments sake we are not trying to dismiss the weight loss industry and all that it stands for, because ultimately, we are selling weight loss products on this site. What we are trying to say is that there is a place for everything and a reason for everything that happens within this industry and why some programs are more effective then other, especially when it comes to hypnosis.

Why is Hypnosis for Weight Loss Different?

So you may be thinking.. why is hypnosis any different?

Well it is simple really. What we are about to tell you does not just apply to our own Weight Loss CDs and MP3s that we sell on this site. It is the same thing that all our 'responsible and aptly qualified' hypnotic comrades specialize in too.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy give the all important mental edge to maintain your optimal weight forever because they make it become an easy and automatic part of your life.

How Does Hypnosis Help Weight Loss?

Hypnosis, or more accurately hypnotherapy - using hypnosis for therapy purposes - can quite literally replace your attitude, decisions and actions towards everything you did that made you become overweight in the first place. It can help you lose the weight in a safe and sensible way that is easy to keep doing for the rest of your life. Through direct subconscious therapy, which is made possible through the trance state in hypnosis, you can replace all the old negative patterns that caused you to gain the weight with more positive ones. These become automatic and permanent because they are implemented on a deep subconscious level.

Power walker legs

A skilled hypnotist or hypnotherapy recording can help you replace:

  1. Eating bad food with eating good food
  2. Choosing inactivity with activity
  3. Eating for comfort with eating for necessity
  4. Negative emotions causing weight gain with positive emotions
  5. Dis empowered decisions with positive empowered actions

When performed correctly, hypnosis gives you the power to basically stand up to yourself and say:

No, I am not going to be overweight, I am going to be aware of how I got this way and change it from the ground up sensibly and safely

and then give you the resources inside your mind to make this happen easily and automatically.

For instance, instead of automatically reaching for your nearest 'powdered diet formula' when you are hungry (which seriously... you are not going to do forever), hypnosis can help give you the automatic power to go prepare something healthy instead.

On the other end of the spectrum (which is why we put weight on in the first place) instead of getting hungry and then 'stuffing' our faces full of whatever 'grease laden' food we can find, we also automatically choose the healthier option.

When you are thinking of going somewhere which may be 5 minutes down the road, hypnosis can help you automatically make a conscious effort to go for a walk to that place instead of driving because you know that will be better for your weight control.

Hypnosis can improve your will power to maintain other diets or to simply make a lifestyle change to become your diet.

Often, some people have problems with their glands and thyroids which mean that they physically can not lose weight. Proper clinical hypnotherapy can help identify and then re balance the physical systems of the body and regulate internal healing mechanisms.

The Reality of Hypnosis & Weight Loss

Hypnosis will not normally make you magically thin in 2 or 3 weeks. What it will do is help you lose a little bit at a time, but most importantly, to do it easily and in a way that suits your lifestyle. It will help give you that extra motivation to go for a walk in the afternoon, support you to make a healthy dinner or remind you when you are eating for emotional comfort rather then necessity.

Hypnosis is like having someone to lean on during every step of losing weight. But that 'someone' is you, or more specifically the power inside your subconscious mind.

Better still, hypnosis can also assist other diets, because it gives you the mental edge to keep going with that particular diet program by improving your willpower, direction, motivation and clearly visualizing your ultimate goal. In fact one study by the American Medical Association showed more then 200% increase in the effectiveness of other diets by combining hypnosis with that diet.

How Can Emotions Affect Weight Loss?

So often it is our emotions and negative patterns that we have formed throughout our life that have also created our weight management issues too. This is of prime importance to realize because it is rather difficult to break deep seeded subconscious patterns without proper thought and effort.

For example, many people who are depressed become overweight. Why? Because they lose rational control over choosing what is best for their body, crave food to bring pleasure and simply choose not to leave the house and hence, lack physical activity.

Sometimes people hold fears and traumatic experiences deep inside which also effects their ability to make good positive choices about lifestyle and diet.

Another example is how parents will usually automatically tend to a crying baby with food. This instantly associates discomfort with food to the baby and forms a pattern that can last throughout life that leads to excessive eating when they are feeling emotional.

The bombardment of advertising that relates junk food to equal happiness and pleasure is another way our emotions can get the better of us when it comes to gaining weight. Scientists have proven that a well designed visual food commercial is able to stimulate the release of dopamine into the brain which completely overrides our conscious ability to choose a healthier option if we lack mental strength.

Hypnosis can help address the emotional and mental reasons for weight gain because it helps identify the negative patterns and then replace them with something that is more positive. Our emotions and subsequent actions are all usually generated subconsciously. Hypnosis can directly override the source of these problems directly in the subconscious mind in a way that very few other therapies can. It helps balance the emotions and then replace the actions that they cause with something that is going to be more positive and beneficial to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle moving forward permanently.

In saying this, when using hypnosis programs to help weight loss, it is important to take a good long think about any emotions that YOU may be carrying that are causing the weight gain. Then you can choose a relevant separate program to target that particular emotion in conjunction with using a specific weight loss program too. Identifying such issues means that you may have to be critical of yourself which is sometimes hard to do, but it is important if you want to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment. This goes with all of the programs on this site and others.

How Does Society Affect Weight Loss

It is no secret we live in an ever increasingly obese society. As the years progress, humans become more obese. The more that society progresses, the less we as humans are required to do. Technology replaces physical effort and necessity. Food can be taken out of the freezer, put in a microwave and be on our plate in 3 minutes. We can get a burger in half time from a fast food outlet. Basically, it is now easier then ever to become overweight.

Add to this that we are now also working more then ever before in our jobs and have less time to ourselves, you have a deadly combination

Consider this flow of information:

More time working
Less time to exercise
Less time meal planning
More likely to choose convenient food
Convenience food (usually) = junk food
Busier lifestyle = choose transport over walking
GFC means less money
Less money means choose cheaper food
Without time to plan meals cheap food = fat food
Lack of time = looking for quicker results
Quicker results = fad & dramatic weight loss programs

You can see that there is a vicious cycle created here. Society makes controlling our weight hard because it also makes us try to find excuses for everything we do and hence the cycle is strengthened.

To complicate things even more, society continually throws in our faces the image of what we should like through advertising, entertainment and expectation. We are bombarded by skinny celebrities, models and actors who also happen to be the main role models for the majority of people. This creates in all of us the expectation that we should be the same, that everyone should have the perfect weight and this is what is normal and acceptable. This causes great emotional conflict with what we expect vs what we perceive of ourselves. How do many people handle emotional conflict? They eat for emotional comfort... hence the cycle continues.

Then it is interesting to note that our bodies have stayed relatively the same over time whilst society has developed rapidly. Our bodies are still designed for the days we spent in the wild hunting and gathering for our food. We were designed to burn energy to obtain our food and then replace that energy with the food we then ate. Fat was important to help give the body an energy reserve when our next meal was a bit further away then what we expected. How things have changed.

Hypnosis can help with all of this. It can give us strength of character and strength of decision. It helps reinforce our subconscious belief systems to stand up for what is best for us and to break free from the excuses that society forces us to make. If we remove the excuse we are left with the truth. It is the truth that will help you maintain a healthy weight - not excuses. Hypnosis can empower you with the ability to become more aware of what is happening around you and the strength to not become a part of it. Knowledge is power and a good way to move forward.

In Conclusion

Hypnosis simply helps you change the way that you think. By changing the way you think more positively, you can start living a happier and healthier life simply by unleashing the power that is already inside of you. We are not born obese, it was our choices and our environment that shaped these choices that made it so.

Life can be complicated. Sometimes we need that little helping hand to come in and help us to maintain a more optimal weight and to break free from the numerous limitations that exist around us. We need something that will give us the power to maintain such changes so that we do not fall back into the same patterns again. We need consistency, positivity and the power to control our weight from the mind to the body. Hypnosis does this and that is why it is the Ultimate Weight Loss tool.